Equipment advantages
1、The max size machinable: 2600*1500*600 mm
       Weight per unit: ≤300kg
2、Advanced features of the electrophoresis line:
      The whole line is equipped with fully automatic control system which can monitor the equipment operation in a real-time manner, and it also has rapid failure positioning function. Adopting XT80 heavy-duty overhung conveyor line, it can carry as high as 120kg per unit. Equipped with stationary oil-receiving tray and dustproof compartment, it is protected against oil and dust pollution. Almost all channels and slots are made of stainless steel, clean and tidy in appearance, and long in service life. A brand-new spraying method is adopted to realize 360° dead-zone free spraying and ensure that the product is cleaned thoroughly. Equipment operation, maintenance and stabilized process are fully considered to support the circulating and filtering system. The three-pocket bag filter is used for pretreatment and electrophoresis tank, and a super-flow ultrafiltration system is equipped to ensure the thorough and effective filtration of tank solution and improve product quality. 50 anode tubes are arranged in the electrophoresis tank in a reasonable manner, which may electrophoresing products with an area of 80m2. The fully automatic electrophoresis line can run at a speed of 2-4m per minute and achieve an annual output of 5 million m2, equivalent to 20000 tons of products.
3、Laboratory :
      The laboratory of Huapeng Group is equipped with advanced experimental equipment and instruments as well as professional laboratory personnel that can meet the demand for relevant electrophoresis performance tests.
      Relevant experimental equipment: blast drying oven and muffle furnace; analytical balance; furnace temperature tracker; gloss meter; film thickness gauge; pencil hardness tester; colorimeter; falling sand abrasion tester; cycle corrosion and alternating salt spray test chamber; salt spray test chamber; ASCOT cyclic chamber; ionic tester; microscope; multilayer thickness gauge; drawing tester; eraser abrasion tester; and atomic absorption spectrophotometer.